Saturday, 23 February 2008

Timeless Friend

I remember stroking your white cat Albert, in the shade of the giant pampus grass outside your old house (age 5?)

I remember telling ghost stories, hidden behind the raspberry bushes in my back garden. It was always summer back then (age 6?)

I remember the secret scribblings we hid for each other in the girls' loos at school, and the whispered code that meant "I've left you a note" (age 7?)

I remember doing a dance routine on your sofa, singing into hairbrush microphones to "Mr Blue Sky" by ELO, in matching vest and knicker sets (age 8?)

I remember pretending Starsky and Hutch were our boyfriends. Only we both wanted Starsky (age 9?)

I remember getting into trouble for sneaking out of school without asking, to go to your house for lunch (age 10?)

I remember us fighting with the boys and rolling down the big grassy hill at the edge of the field (age 11?)

Last night we sat talking in my kitchen (age 39 & 40) ... you haven't changed a bit x


  1. Best friends are like that. The years just fall away ....

  2. hi, I've come to visit you after you came to visit me. I'll be back again, as I've bookmarked your page. I read some of your older posts and enjoyed them a lot. I'll be seeing you around here. Ciao...

  3. That's one of the things I miss, being an expat. There's no one here who I go back that far with. I can't talk about Blue Peter badges, sticky back plastic, Dick Emery, Lulu, The Magic Roundabout, Bay City Rollers, etc. etc.

  4. Its always good to get together with old school friends! Can spend hours just reminiscing!

  5. I wish I had a lifelong friend like that. You are very lucky indeed!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Thanks for stopping by to rub it in about the nice spring day .. and then I saw that G is home .. I hope you are both rested enough to enjoy the day .. :)

  7. I'm afraid there was a pretty long queue for Starsky - and I was at the front of it!

  8. Hi at last - a bit late but better late.. I've been reading some of your lovely posts, and will come back to read more. Thank you for visiting me too. Margot xx.

  9. My best mate left these shores for New Zealand last year. Mostly I'm ok with it, sometimes I'm not.

    Life is mostly about other people.

  10. Knifepainter, couldn't agree more. Sorry to hear about your best mate being so far away.