Tuesday, 19 February 2008

No Contest

After a 3 week absence, Big G is home, and we're all happy.
He's popped out ... to get wine ... so I've popped online ... to have a whine.

When we had tiny babies, we did that irritating thing that all new parents do: have Tiredness Competitions. It's a scientifically proven fact that out with baby comes an umbilically attached urge to let your partner know exactly how tired you are, and exactly why you've had a much harder day than they have. You know the routine:
"That was the worst night I ever had"
"I only slept about 2 hours"
"I've haven't stopped all day, I don't think I even had lunch"
"It's so hot in our room, I didn't sleep a wink"
"I've been up since 4, couldn't get back to sleep"
"I'm so exhausted, how am I going to get through the day"
"I just can't get on top of anything, I need more help"
And it's all true. I reckon I won the Tiredness Competitions most of the time, mainly because I submitted my winning entries with infinitely far more fury, expletives, ferocity and wine-fuelled venom than my placid, gentle giant of a man ever would.

Big G almost got home last night on a flight from Washington DC, but halfway to England the plane broke, turned around, and sped all the way back to where it started. So he had to wait around for hours, get on a later flight overnight, then take a bus, then a taxi to home. Then he had to look after the kids because I couldn't get out of working today. And that's on top of severe pilot sleep-deprivation due to several night flights and early starts in a row.

So I don't think I'll bother starting a Tiredness Competition tonight. He'll win.

Off now, for a glass of Rioja. Chin chin!


  1. So is he jet-lagged or too tired to be jet-lagged?

    We need to reserahc this for the greater good of humanity!

  2. My wife won the gold and I the silver in the Tiredness Olympics. But the kids are now 10 and 14 so, touch wood, it's very rare to be awoken during the night...

  3. DM, He's finding the energy to be jet-lagged

    DD, It's good when you leave that zone ain't it

  4. That's funny! My husband came back from NY yesterday. His flight was delayed and had to turn back because an elderly passenger had a heart-attack en route. That's not funny of course, he said it was awful but the flight crew were terrific.

    It did make me think of the things we take for granted though. I'm glad to have him home.

  5. We still have those competitions sadly - but it's getting better. And of course, I always win...

  6. How lovely for you to have him home...what does your husband think of my jammer theory regarding the BA flight? My last boyfriend was a pilot - I love pilots! Very handy in an emergency too. Enjoy being back on the wine!! Lx

  7. Didn't like the sound of the plane breaking down somewhere over the Atlantic!
    Bit of a slight exaggeration I expect!
    Enjoy your time together.

  8. No, wouldn't want to compete with that one. You're beaten before you start, girl!

    My husband just got home and is now jet-lagged too. Due to his erratic sleeping pattern, snoring and my early starts, I've resorted to sleeping on the sofa for a couple of nights. This is not without its problems though as the cat has decided that I'm now prime pouncing material. I think I now look more tired than hubby does:-)

  9. Sounds like he did have a rough time of it. Thank you for coming by my blog yesterday;o) Have a wonderful weekend and hope you enjoyed the glass of Rioja!

  10. Then, you get a few years respite till they become teenagers, then you wait up till they get in, getting no sleep again.

    Gin, oh yes.