Saturday, 2 February 2008

Five a Day

Child: "I don't want the vegetables"
Parent: "Just eat them please"
Child: "But I don't like green beans. Or carrots"
Parent: "Yes you do. Okay, give me half and eat the other half"
Child: "I don't want any"
Parent: "You need to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, it keeps you healthy"
Child: "I've eaten enough fruit and vegetables already today. I had raisons - they're fruit"
Parent: "Right. Let's just eat up shall we"
Child: "Are crisps fruit and vegetables?"
Parent: "No"
Child: "Yes they are, they're made from potato. Potatoes are vegetables"
Parent: "True. But I still don't think crisps can be called fruit and vegetables"
Child: "Well they are in My World"
Other Child: "Anyone who wants to enter My World, line up for an interview"

That's okay, I think, I'll pass.

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