Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Yes You Are

My kids like watching that show 'Drake and Josh' on Nickelodeon, and today there was a scene where these two boys do a sort of Blues Brothers rendition of 'Soul Man'. My daughter, quite adept at making up lyrics she hasn't quite heard right, spent the rest of the day singing 'I'm Sooo Mad'! Didn't have the heart to correct her.


  1. Or as my little one says "Look for the bear necessities...forget about your troubles and your stripe".

  2. G'day from Australia,

    I came her from Granny May's. I've been known to sit down and watch Drake and Josh with my kids!!!

  3. Love it! My two year old has been prattling this morning about 'mazagines' and 'going up the eggzcalator' ;-)

  4. You want to own a dog?
    Our streets are not his bog.
    It really is absurd
    We have to walk in turd.
    Since when did we let Rover
    Leave stinking mess all over?
    So come on all of you,
    Bend down, pick up that poo.

    Hi GoneBackSouth,

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed your doggerel; my wife The Frog Queen commented on it in the comments box too.

    I've just read your post about Sisyphus and housework. You're so right. No sooner than the floors are cleaned, the sinks scrubbed, the sitting room tidied and, splat!, you have to do it all over again.

    Of course, he was in Hades and generally didn't have a very good time which is not the case for all of us.

  5. Sorry this is off-post, but in reply to your question about the limericks - I think you're doing a great job. Keep those entries coming!

  6. Ah, Drake and Josh. Ask me anything. I know every word of every scene of every episode.

  7. For years I have sung 'round young virgin, mother and child' and only recently was I corrected .. personally MY version made more sense .. :)

  8. My son messed up the words to that song too! He's 8 and my daughter is turning 13 on the 23rd. They both LOVE to watch Drake and Josh...I have to admit, it's a cute show..