Tuesday, 12 February 2008

In Appreciation

One of my mantras is: "But I'm not ready."
Another is: "Sorry I'm late."

6 whole days ago ... I know, shame on me ... the mother of this lot kindly gave me an award. Apparently when you get one, you are meant to pass it on to 10 other bloggers. And, as I haven't done this yet, I am clearly shirking my responsibilities (nothing new there then). I do, as always, have excuses for my tardiness ... but they're not at all interesting. I expect some of my favourite bloggers already have the "E for Excellent" award, so I taken the liberty of creating a new prize called the "Keep Up The Good Work" award. Being new to this game, I'm not sure if this is strictly the done thing, but if not, feel free to take me to a Blog-Etiquette-Violation-Tribunal.

So without further ado (drumroll please), I hereby bestow this award upon the following:

Potty Mummy
Family Affairs
The Land of Sand
david mcmahon
Pig in the Kitchen
The Other Side of Paris
Wife in the North
Stay at home dad
Frog Blog by Frog in the Field
mother's pride
Nuts in May

Oops that's 12, got carried away there, oh well never mind.
Annoyingly the links don't seem to work, never done that before, sorry :-/


  1. Aw - how lovely. And a blog award that is new to the scene. I for one am not complaining. Thanks for dropping by.
    Now you have shamed me into passing my other one on too.

  2. Well, blimey, just when I didn't have my tux on, didn't have a speech ready and couldn't duck the paparazzi!

    In all seriousness, thank you for the award. My thanks, very sincerely.

    And I;m about to add you to my blogroll. Hope that's OK with you.

  3. As the drum rolls I am air kissing everyone and trying to look suitably humble.

    Many thanks!!

  4. Thank you so much for this. I am speechless - how on earth do you go about making an award? I would love to do one, but haven't a clue how to start!

    If you don't mind I will save it for a couple of days while I have a think who to pass it on to. (I can't possibly send it to the same people again so I'll have to root out some new blogs! Oh, dear, what a chore!!)

    Thanks again!

  5. Blimey! Just got over the trauma of last one & now I have to start all over again!
    Many thanks!! I am extremely chuffed!
    My son is about to go away, so might not be able to put it on my blog just yet! Its a lovely one, isn't it?

  6. Thank you sooooooo much - what a lovely award.....

  7. thank you so much, what a lovely award!!

  8. Sorry if I said that twice - so exiting!!

  9. ps - how did you do that? Make up a new award L x

  10. Gosh, a spanking brand new award - what fun!

    Many thanks. Isn't this award lark a hoot? Who needs Baftas or Golden Globes or Oscars when we can proudly display awards like this?

  11. Goodness, how marvellous!
    That's very, very nice of you, Thanks.
    I can't promise of course to keep up anything, I'm rather useless!

  12. Thank you so much GBS, and so creative too!

  13. how impressive are you? Just rustling up an award? Thanks very much!!

  14. DavidMcM - thanks for blog-rolling me! I don't know how to do it.

    Debio - Limit speeches to 2 minutess please

    Mother of this Lot & Family Affairs - I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

  15. My son Sam has offered to fix your links for you if you like.

  16. I see Sam is going to sort out the problem, but let me know if you have any link-related dramas ....