Thursday, 7 February 2008

Peking Luck

Yesterday I went to the posh hardware store in town, who claim to stock everything you need for the kitchen. I asked for chopsticks. They didn't have any. "Try the Chinese restaurant", the bloke said.

I went to the Peking Chef, and asked politely whether my children could please have some chopsticks for the school's Chinese New Year tasting party. "Oooh, we don't have many spare", he fretted, glancing nervously at the biggest pile of sticks I have ever seen. "I only want two pairs", I explained, "can I give you some money?"

The party went well, the children came home with garlic breath, and tonight they ate sausages, mash and gravy with chopsticks. It can be done. Me, I'm £2 lighter, but I reckon it was worth it.