Wednesday, 13 February 2008


I once read that the word most commonly uttered (or rasped) by a dying person in the final throes, is "mother".

In any language, mother ... or mama, mom, moeder, mana, mater, maman ... means the same thing: the one who held you, fed you, cared for you, protected you. Whatever happens later in life, an infant always thinks its mother is the centre of its universe. So no wonder a dying person thinks of the one who gave them their life, as they feel it slip away. Knowing this fact makes me a little nervous - if I'm that important, I'd better make sure that when my children are 95 and I'm long gone, they'll remember me in a good light!

I know I didn't appreciate my Mama, Mom, Moeder, Mana, Mater, Maman enough when I was growing up. It was easy to take her for granted, because she was so dependable, fair, consistent and unfailingly on my side. She still is, and I'm pleased we live 9 minutes away from her now, instead of 4 hours.

I wouldn't mind my final word being "mother". It's better than "don't shoot", I suppose! Or "for God's sake, slow down". Or "are you sure my parachute is packed properly?" Hmmm. I hope it's "goodnight, see you in the morning".


  1. I enjoyed this made me wonder what my last words would be. I hope I'd at least be thinking 'It's been fun'.
    I came along from Mother's Pride- am glad to have found you!

  2. It could be worse... Like, 'Can I have fries with that?'

  3. Hi, I just came over from Maggie May's, really enjoyed this post, I always thought 'mother' was the last words as she was the angel waiting to take you into the next stage in your life. I can live with that thought.

    Read back a few posts, Drake and Josh, Suite life of Zak & Cody, Hannah Montana, oh seen them a few times, quite possibly word perfect. I must take control on my TV. x

  4. I also enjoyed this post! I miss my Mum still, even though she died in 2001.

  5. "No problem, I can get that bit out of the toaster with this knife..."

    "This pork tastes funny..."

  6. "You'll never take me alive copper!"

  7. I consider myself very lucky that I still have my mum. She lost her mum young and counts every year she has past the age her mum was when she died as a blessing. My kids adore her as do I. I only hope in years to come my tribe love me as much.

    Lovely post.

    MMoF x

  8. ROFL!! Ah, sweet, what a fantastic post! My mother and I are VERY close. I live with my parents and we get along splendidly. They love having my son and daughter there to see them growing up too. Thanks for sharing this post with us;o)

  9. I like to think that, for those of us whose mothers have passed on, they come back just before our moment of death to collect us.And I have to say that I'll be thrilled to see mine again, shedied tragically 20 years ago but I still miss her very much, mimi