Saturday, 1 November 2008

Halloween in a Hurry

Yesterday I broke my pledge to blog every day until my birthday, but hey, nobody's perfect.

In the last few years - when I worked from home and had a bit more time on my hands - I started to plan halloween activities weeks ahead. This year, by contrast, I only started thinking about it on the day, as I left work.

3pm: Made a couple of frantic phone calls to rustle up at least one friend with no plans

3.15pm: Dashed to Waitrose to buy 2 pumpkins, some vampire teeth and treats

3.45pm: Picked up the kids from Grandma's and drove home, responding to a rapid fire of halloween-questions on the way

4.00pm: Big G and the kids started carving pumpkins and looking for candles; I dug in the fridge for a speedy supper

4.30pm: Up to the bedrooms to negotiate costume details - it was a very cold night - and emerged with one witch and one ghost

4.45pm: Wrestled torches off excited children so they could concentrate on speed-eating

5.00pm: Found face paints, wiped food from mouths, applied white and green accordingly.

5.15pm: Drove back to town to pick up only available friend

5.45pm: Gladly accepted Big G's offer to take the 3 Trick or Treaters out. Dedicated the following hour to and tidying up and answering the door to ghouls and skeletons

And so it went on ... full speed ahead ... we eventually got the kids to bed by 9pm when we got them down off the ceiling, high as kites on sugar, excitement and e-numbers.

Ah, parenting - it's so relaxing.


  1. You did a great job for such last minute planning. Multi-tasking again, weren't you?

  2. This is why the "day after" always feels so good to me. I don't have to think about it again for a whole year. :-)

  3. Great memories that's what parenting is all about and it sounds like you got a 10 out of 10. Some things are best let to being spontaneous!

  4. Speed-eating - now THERE'S a talent!!

  5. my kids were still out trick-or-treating after 9 PM. oldest went to a friend's party, youngest went w some other friends. i didn't have to take any of them out last night for the first time in 'i don't know how long'. made stinky pass out the candy..mostly obnoxious teenagers at the door. glad it's over. now the christmas rushing around begins.

    what day is your bday btw? mine is this tuesday. i could blog everyday until my birthday, but 3 days in a row is a LOT of blogging for me lol

  6. Thankfully its just one day/evening .. but I had no idea, not having kidlettes of my own, that it was so involved ... so exhausting