Thursday, 30 October 2008

Out of Africa

On Monday Mum and Dad came back from their first ever holiday in Africa. They went to Kenya - some beach, some safari, loads of sun. Kenya has suffered terribly since last year's riots beat the tourism industry to within an inch of its life ... there were just 40 guests in a hotel that sleeps 500.

Today Mum and Dad came over to see all 7 grandchildren who were squashed in, like wriggling worms, to our little house. They came clutching brilliant memories, a glossy Kenya book and some beaded bracelets for the kids. There was also a soft, fragile, ornamental Masai necklace made from tiny black, bronze and cream beads. My 15-year old neice politely declined the necklace, it was passed around from my sister-in-law to my daughter, and somehow ended up around my neck.

Lucky me :-)


  1. I always treasured gifts or locally made things fron the places that I visited. The poorest of people are usually the most generous. In Mautitius many years ago, I was given gifts made from stuff that we would have trampled on in the streets here but they had taken and recycled into something really amazing. Teasure that necklace and have a wee dance around the garden when there is a full moon - the effing weather might improve a bit!

    Hope the kids enjoyed the living cultural lesson from the grandparents.

  2. Okay, pass them on to me...they sound lovely...what's wrong with that niece, looking gift ponies in the teeth?

  3. Hi GBS!
    Well done you! Those African handicrafts are truly beautiful!!
    I travelled to Nigeria some years back, where I did some charity volunteer work for a month, and I brought home some wonderful hand-carved ebony and wooden statues and ornaments that keep pride of place on my television/entertainment unit!
    All the very best and speak again soon! - It's great to see you posting regularly again! :)

  4. Aren't you lucky. A bit like pass the parcel.
    Don't you just love these family gatherings?

  5. Well, if you dont want it ...


  6. I went on holiday to Kenya with my parents, aged 7, and can remember the beautiful Masai necklaces we bought then from a roadside stall.

    Have tagged you by the way!