Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Toad, the Quandry and the Anti-Role Model

Ooooh. Yeuch. Some slimy moron left a grubby comment on one of my posts, so I deleted it and switched 'Comment Moderation' back on. I'm all for freedom of speech, but this is my blog and if someone wants to advertise sex aids on it, they should have the decency to ask first. The toad.

And I have been the laziest blogger ever recently. In fact, I can't decide whether to carry on or not. I haven't even bothered logging in and leaving comments with all my favourite writers out there in blogland. So I've decided to blog every single day from now until my birthday, and then make up my mind whether to blog-on or blog-no-more.

Meanwhile, with a week to go until the US presidential elections, I am keeping everything crossed for Obama. How could anyone not want him to win? One of the many things that irks me about McCain was his statement that "Sarah Palin is a role model for women". How the hell does he know who my role models are? I'll pick my own, thank you. I mean, would anyone ever say they picked so-and-so for their running mate because "he is a role model for men"? Of course not. Patronising twat.


  1. I think I've been rivalling you in the idle stakes GBS - I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find the time to blog but I do enjoy it sometimes! I'll read your posts from now until your birthday, maybe not every day, but I'll catch up. As for Sarah Palin.. Blogthatmamax

  2. I agree, how patronising. As for the blog, taking a step back sometimes is good, you might find that you come back with renewed energy for blogging in a couple of weeks time. I always find that when the dark nights draw in, it is far more compelling to blog than to do anything else.

    Don't give up though.

    DM x

  3. Hi GBS!
    I was also very Blog-Lazy for quite a while but got back in the swing of things, mainly due to more free-time...
    I hope you do continue to Blog as it was you, my friend, who stopped me from deleting my own Blog when you linked it to your's with the Annie Lennox & David Bowie video and in return I received so many new visitors and comments!
    I was so close to "Blog-Suicide" days before that so please don't go!
    Big Hug x

  4. GBS...... Hoping you will not give up. It would be a crying shame! You have such a natural talent for writing.

    I agree whole heartedly about your remarks on the American politics. How dare anyone say who my role model should be. I will pick my own, thank you!

    I am at my daughter's till the end of the week and I'm hijacking her computer to do a little blogging.

  5. I went through a shall-I-shan't-I- carry-on-blogging episode. I took a two-week break and then started again. It is a bit time consuming because once I restarted I started reading all the other blogs again - and there are many good ones.

    I want Obama but I fear middle America might elect McCain....

  6. How refreshing to have a blog that's so heartfelt. Twat....this word says it all. Sarah Palin. yes she's a twat too, I can't stand that stupid 'up-do' that everyone raves about. Is that really going to help the world ecomony and the wars raging around the world? Keep on blogging, I always log on each morning to see if you have visited - it is great to see you back.

  7. Totally agree re Obama - whom I think is fab - how can anyone seriously prefer the McCain/Palin ticket?

    Hope your birthday is sufficiently far away that we get some fantastic blogs from you in the meantime....

  8. Ah ... another wonderful post .. I miss you when you are not here ...

    And thank you for not only agreeing with me about McLame's role model remark but making sound so much better than my usual whine...talk about toads........


  9. BlogThatMama, yeah I guess we all have off-patches eh?

    Dulwich Mum, lovely to see you here, I probably won't quit now I've received all this marvellous emotional support (sniff)

    Brit, thank heavens you didn't jump in that, your darkest blog-hour. Hugs back x

    Maggie, thank you, glad to see you're making the most of the facilities while you're away. And I hope your daughter is coping ok.

    DumDad, I stayed alert enough to notice your absence - glad you popped back out of France again to say hi!

    Lindsay, creep little fella eh?

    Anon, great to see you back too - if this is who I think it is - how's life on the edge? xx

    Nappy Valley, I'm not wishing it arrives too soon as I'll be 41 ...

    Daryl, I missed you too, and yes I had noticed your electoral stance - I bet it's getting pretty intense and nerve-wracking over there?!

  10. I hope you don't give up blogging all together, but I understand you needing a little break every now and then. Maybe you can blog once a week to let us know how you are, until you feel like blogging more often.

    Good old Sarah is the last person I would want as a role model for anybody I thought highly of, including myself!

  11. Bit late with this but, if you blog every day won't you make yourself sick, so to speak? But don't go away.

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