Sunday, 2 November 2008

Betty Marathon

When I first met Big G, he raved about this arty French film he'd just seen, called Betty Blue. "I'd like to see that", I said. Almost twenty years passed, and on Friday night I finally got to see it.

We snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa - candles lit, full tummies from a late dinner - it was lovely. We watched the film in all its fleshy, romantic, hedonistic, quirky, obsessive, rambling, subtitled cult-classic glory. Divine.

An hour and a half passed and the story was still going strong. Two hours, and no sign of an ending. We started yawning and made some tea. After two and a half hours, we popped out the DVD to check the running time: 2 hours, 58 minutes. Clearly we've lost our movie stamina over the years, so we turned it off, went to bed, and watched the last half an hour yesterday.

I do recommend Betty Blue, but don't watch it if you are easily shocked, the nervous type, or in any kind of a hurry.


  1. I've never seem it!
    Your romantic evening sounded lovely!

  2. i get antsy if a movie is longer than 90 mins lol well, unless it's really good & has me so wrapped up that i can't stop watching.

  3. I'd never heard of Betty Blue. That's a long movie. I'll have to head over to Netflix and see if they have it.

  4. I remember being very shocked but it was many years ago and I was easily shockable then:-)

  5. I know many a man who fell in love with Beatrice Dalle after watching that film!

    I do apologise for clogging up your comment box with this but would it be possible for you to drop me an email at your convenience?

    I'm working on something at the moment that I think may be of interest to you both as a parent and a blogger.



  6. Mac would leave me to it...subtitles are definitely not his thing, lol...

  7. I remember thinking that was the best film I'd ever seen! I was young and impressionable at the time though and I can hardly remember what it's about now!

  8. Hi GBS!
    I watched this film years ago and have forgotten most of it now, but I remember that I enjoyed it very much!!
    I will have to try to rent it and watch it again...

    But I agree with you about some films being so long - I think this one is a good one to watch on a long lazy Sunday afternoon... however from what I do remember about it it's a good point not to watch it when feeling upbeat and very happy as it is a real mood-downer! very powerful! haha

  9. Kerry, I have just sent you an email.
    - GBS

  10. I've never seen Betty Blue before but we might give it a go. Your Halloween sounds mad but fab and it's so annoying what some slimeballs feel the need to put on other people's blog isn't it. Bleurghhh.

  11. Now I must ask Mr NetFlix aka husband if he has seen this ... if not maybe we need to watch it together .. some cold wet Saturday ... with bathroom & snack breaks of course