Thursday, 6 November 2008

Bump, Bump and Bump

Today my daughter fell off the monkey-bars and sprained her leg, so she limped home from school weary and whimpering and had a long soak in a hot bath. Later I accidentally nudged her off the sofa and she banged her foot and started crying.

My son got hit hard on the chin at lunchtime with a tennis racket which has left a sore, lumpy bruise. He came out of school looking tearful and wobbly. He held his tears in until he got home, then he let go and they trickled quietly down his soft pink cheeks.

I felt sorry for the boy so I reached down to pick him up. I wasn't standing up straight properly and sprained my back. I think it's time to declare this day way too dangerous, and go immediately to bed.


  1. Wow, and it isn't even Friday the 13th today!
    Hope you all feel a bit better by tomorrow...

  2. Don't do anything else till today is over!
    Hope you will all be fully recovered soon.

  3. Hi GBS - just found you via Cheshire Wife. Sorry to hear about the day - did you all cuddle up in bed together?


  4. Oh dear. Hope today is much better!!

  5. Did you cry too? Those sort of days are best finished as early as possible. Hope the pain's gone in the morning.

  6. Absolutely!

    It is too dangerous by far. Hope everyone heals up ok and quickly.

  7. Oh, not a good day, hope you all feel much better now.

  8. OH. Too much stress .. rest up .. feel better .. ALL of you