Sunday, 13 July 2008

Saturday Night's Alright

Rioja (eagerly): "Honey I'm Home!"

Woman: "What are you doing here? I wasn't going to drink tonight"

Rioja: "Ah, but you know you want to"

Woman: "I'm thinking about it"

Rioja (beguilingly): "Just one glass won't hurt"

Woman: "But I'm on my own, it's a bad idea"

Rioja: "I'll keep you company, help you relax"

Woman: "But then you'll put me in a bad mood and give me a headache"

Rioja: "You'll be fine, and anyway it's sad not to drink on a Saturday night"

Woman: "But I'm happy and you'll spoil it for me"

Rioja (purring): "I'm gorgeous and you love me"

Woman: "I'm putting you in the cupboard so I can't see you"

Rioja (in a muffled voice): "But you can't resist me! Let me OUT!"

Woman: "Piss off"


  1. Wow! I've had that conversation before many times!

  2. lmao! i don't usually have that type of conversation. heck, i'm a lightweight. i get drunk off of cold medicines that have alcohol in them. lol i have a LOT of body fat, therefore, get drunk faster. hehe

  3. Talking wine! Are you sure you put it in the cupboard?

  4. Now that's funny. I don't care who you are! It's funny I tell you!!!

  5. You have a will of iron. That was Rioja talking.Rioja

  6. Hey, I've tagged you. You may a) go to mine or b) tell me to piss of. I don't mind, either way!

  7. Oh the infamous talking wine ... quick call the reality TV people ...

    Are you sure this convo happened BEFORE you drank?


  8. Did his friend Merlot join in? He's quite vociferous in this house!

  9. Talk about temptation! Did you stand firm?

  10. How much was in the bottle that you put in the cupboard - was it by any chance empty?

  11. I'm impressed with your control. Little too harsh for me - always feel bad and let them out of the cupboard again after a few minutes. So weak Lx

  12. Kudos to you! Be strong.. stand in front of the urge.

  13. I would like to believe you resisted temptation....?

  14. Glad to see you taking such a hard line with that cheeky Rioja. Naughty Shiraz managed to charm me far too easily the other night....

    In a dramatic turn of events, the Rioja One was freed last night by appeal court Judge Mr. GoneBackSouth. GBS is standing by her claims that wine makes you feel worse, not better, while Mr. GoneBackSouth is reported to be "resting" and unavailable for comment.

  16. sometimes you are up and sometimes you are done - be proud of the times you are up :)

  17. Jeeze at least I only talk to chickens! I admire you will power!
    Debs x

  18. I admire your stamina, laugh at Mr. GBS's woeful lack of willpower, and wonder if you had entertained a cousin of Rioja's prior to this conversation you had with her (the wine that is)?

    (Maybe I need some)