Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Looking Forward to Chapter 10

Chapter 1
Summer 2006. Mr and Mrs live in the north of England where they don't belong, and decide to re-locate. But where to? The soul-searching begins.

Chapter 2
Mr applies for a job in the US and gets it. America it is then. It'll be fantastic, they dream, and tell their family and friends. The Big News spreads like lice in a playground.

Chapter 3
Mr packs up and moves to New York. Mrs can't go yet, "I'm not ready", she wails. She tries to move mountains alone, and gets scared at night.

Chapter 4
Mrs hates being asked "have you sold the house yet?" Mr loves his new job and commutes back and forth. The children are angry. Mrs is angry. He tries so hard but feels excluded - and he is.

Chapter 5
Summer 2007. Loose ends are tied up, Mrs is almost ready to go. But wait ... maybe America doesn't feel like 'home' after all? They re-visit London and light up like firecrackers. The seeds of doubt grow.

Chapter 6
A decision is made. They're Going Back South. Mrs and the kids call the removal men, pack up their lives and fall into the arms of their extended family. What a gift from heaven they turned out to be.

Chapter 7
New home, new job, new school, thin on friends. Too many changes for Mrs to handle. She gets excema and dizzy spells. The children are ghastly but who can blame them.

Chapter 8
Mr and Mrs know they're better together. The children are settled and happy again. There's more talking, respect, caring. Petty arguments disappear like lost baggage.

Chapter 9
Summer 2008. Mr works really hard to get a good job back in the UK - and gets the best one imaginable. Respect and appreciation are thrown all about the place. The future suddenly seems a dozen shades brighter .....


  1. Hi GoneBackSouth,
    I'm so happy that everything is working out well for you!
    At the end of the day fate always lends a hand and puts everything in place!
    Have a great week! :)

  2. The future is a dozen shades brighter! What a great line. And good luck to you!

  3. That's brilliant! I love happy endings - and bright new beginnings!:-)

  4. Even reading just these brief chapter summaries has me hooked! I love the way you write and look forward to the read when it is done and published! Good luck.

  5. Sounds as if you ended up in the right place, and that is the important thing. It is a really big decision deciding where to live, and changing country makes it even bigger still. I'm glad though that you ended up somewhere that you are happy, and all together.

  6. SOunds good.
    I've tagged you, come and visit

  7. How nice to a happy blog!

  8. Love it! Glad things are working out!

  9. Oh good! It's so lovely when people get what they need.

  10. I am so glad things are going right ... tho part of me wishes you'd made it here to NYC


  11. Great news, I'm really pleased for you all. Debs x

  12. So happy for you! Yes, chapter 10 looks like being the happy ending and the start of a new era.

  13. Really great post! So glad it is working out well.

  14. The brightness of the south adds to the dullness of the north - our loss, their gain!

    Fantastic that life is panning out so much better now and that you'll be a real, as opposed to virtual, family once again. Patience is a virtue, and by God you have it. LOL from Woman on the Edgex

  15. Lovely story and great news about the job Lx

  16. Glad your story had a happy ending.

  17. Oh good - a happy ending! And maybe a sequel....?

  18. OOh, I've just read this one. Fantastic!!!

  19. Oh how I know how you feel - but I'm the reverse to you (dislocated in the north and now thinking it feels more like home than the south - maybe......or maybe not....). So understand the absent husband excluded bit - but mine doesn't have to be across the pond for me to feel like that. If only he'd spend more time at home and less in the office/hunched over his computer and paperwork I know how much closer we would feel. Delighted things working out for you :)

  20. Wow! I am just finding some quality time to be with you and catch up on all that has been going on....
    No WONDER you are dizzy!
    Chapter 10 it is then. (Although Chapter 9 weren't toooo bad...)