Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Lizard Land

Florida now. I get a quick blog fix while Big G ponders dinner options with our friends. They're favouring the Island Cow, with a menu the size of Minnesota. We are in the condo cooling our skin from this morning, re-applying sun cream and eating snacks. The two big kids play cards under the air conditioner, the two little ones play a secret game under the bedsheets.

We chose Sanibel Island for its relative lack of tourists, its wildlife, dolphins, pelicans and palm trees. The sea is as warm as washing up, and sprinkles a fresh haul of shells onto the baby soft sand each afternoon.

We'd only planned to stay 3 nights but might add a 4th ... relaxed times together like this are so rare I don't want it to end ...


  1. And nor should it end. Yet. Glad you're enjoying yourself.

    If you get near a computer on Tuesday, have a look at my post because there'll be an award for you. I'll be away too so it's a scheduled post for 1am Tuesday (my time zone!)

  2. You are making me very jealous! It's wet and grey here, but never mind, my turn to have a holiday will come later in the year. Enjoy yor holiday.

  3. So glad you are having a lovely relaxing time .. I am however sad you wont be passing through NYC ... my loss


  4. I'm so glad it's going well...I love the lizard...have a weakness for frogs, too...enjoy the time!!!

  5. How lovely that you can say that! liked the washing up sea comment.

  6. Enjoy the moment and it will last :)