Monday, 19 May 2008

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3

Yes, yes, I've been listening to Ian Dury on YouTube. So here are 3 of mine:

(1) That Life gave us Bowie, Lennox and Mercury ... and ears.

(2) That ye olde hobbies of writing a diary and to pen-pals have fused together in an electronic explosion of magical marvellousness and meetings of minds to spawn the blogosphere. Hooray!

(3) That my daughter didn't see what I found in her wellington boot tonight: a large, hairy, squashed spider. Death by socked foot. I'm surprised she didn't feel it.


  1. I think I'll go with number 2, although I can see that number 3 is very important also, knowing daughters as well as I do.

  2. zxr#3 is very important .. death to all creepy crawlies .. and then celebrate .. glad to see you have your priorities in place .. gosh I missed you


  3. LOL .. I was typing in the code in the wrong place .. ha ha

  4. OMG! I check my shoes before I put them on. Never have found a spider, but I'm all heebeejeebee like that.

    I wonder what to do with all of my written diaries now. It would take 108 years to type all that out in Word. This is alot more fun anyway!

  5. I check shoes as well. And bath towels.

    Once bitten, as they say.

  6. Oooh, that number 3 gave me the shivers!

  7. Hehehe!
    Well finding a spider is better than finding a scorpian or small snake like we have here!

  8. Nora, I'm keeping it quiet!

    Daryl, you say the nicest things!

    Diva, you don't see the word heebeejeebees written down very often do you?

    Tina & Groovy Mum, sounds like spiders give you the heebeejeebees too.

    Brit, I think if I found a snake in my shoe I would scream like a banshee.

  9. Yuck! Finding spiders in shoes. I've had them in my jeans and really got a lot of bites off of it - but I'm with the musical lady...snakes - the worst!

  10. Probably best to mention about the old spider, eh?

  11. GBS Sorry for the Gender bender. It was an error. I'll come back toute suite and comment. Soo sorry. Your direction to that site was a dream. Debs x
    Word veri BigCloudHangingOverMe

  12. I always check my walking boots for creepie crawlies - absolutely hate them but I try not to kill them. I've learnt to get a glass and a bit of paper and try to trap it to let go outside. But if it's a reaaly fast runing big one then I panic and stomp all over them!

    I went to the Brazilian guys blog that you suggested - what a treat and I've added him and you to my blog roll.

  13. Hi GBS once more I'm sorry, I don't do birthdays!

    Ian Dury I loved, Sex and Drug and Rock and Roll

    Cyberlife has taken over I agree

    I put my foot in my boot this morning only to be evicted by a mouse one of the cats brought in.

    Sorry for the faux pas
    Debs x
    Word veri HumblePie

  14. Dearest Lehners in France, It's okay! Please don't worry! And thanks for stopping by :-)

  15. Yeah..... number two!
    Number three too squeamish!!!

  16. Jeez, it was all going so well until number 3.

  17. Spiders inside my shoe is definetly a no-no.....won't go
    over well.

  18. Oh I like this. The Blockheads are performing in the market square in Nottingham tomorrow and we're going to take the girls down. I know it will be weird without Ian Drury, but Phil Jupitis (spelt wrong probably, sorry) often stands in , and those song still stand the test of time. We saw Bowie about 3 years ago and he was amazing. And number 2 is so true. Sighhhh. Number 3 I am completely with you on too. Miss E would die if she had a spider in her welly. Yuck
    Oh, and thanks so much for the add. I'll add you to mine too. Yay, linky love. :D

  19. Yes. Definitely three reasons to be cheerful. I love Bowie, Lennox and Mercury. I love blogging for it's combination of diary and pen pal. I love squashed spiders.

    Nice post.

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