Sunday, 18 May 2008

Bowie Plays Brazil

Today I stumbled upon a blog by a British guy in Brazil. He's got a video up of two of the greatest artists, David Bowie & Annie Lennox, singing a tribute to another great, Freddie Mercury. The video is awesome and at the end I got a chill down my spine and started crying (long day ... time for bed). Bowie is so spectacularly good; he sang the soundtrack to my life as I was growing up.

And as for the British guy in Brazil ... well I may be wrong ... but he seems to me like a genuinely lovely, big-hearted poet who's been through some serious sadness, and might appreciate some warm positive vibes from all you kind and caring bloggers out there.

Goodnight x


  1. I never knew you could click that bit. Now you've gazillioned the amount of time I'll spend on the internet...

  2. Wow Gone Back South!
    I truly am flattered!
    Thank you very much for speaking so kindly of me! I hope I don't disappoint :)
    Have a great beginning of the week!

  3. What a lovely thing to do. I've been over to say hi. It is hard starting out and it is nice to encourage where I was once encouraged and still am.

    You're a good egg!

  4. i have a bad habit of clicking any and all links...this is one that i'm not kicking myself in the arse for! LOL he's quite a poet, too. thx for sending us his way :)i have met the nicest people here in the blogging world.

  5. GBS- What a great way to start my Monday. I saw three of Bowie's tours in the 80's. NOw I am going up to my bathroom, grabbing a hairbrush and singing like Annie Lennox. Well, obviously not like Annie Lennox or I'd have been on that clip instead of her, but you know what I mean.

  6. GBS, thanks for that link, it was great. Debs x

  7. You're lovely plugging his blog, there were comments all over it emanating from here. did i spell that right?

  8. I just called in on him too. It is difficult to get started & can remember how I felt when I first started to blog!
    I also liked his poetry!

  9. I just want to say a big Thank You to you Gone Back South for telling all your lovely friends about my baby Blog! This week has been the most activity I have ever had there!!
    And thank you to everyone who was so kind to have left me such wonderful comments! I wish that I had had the wonderful benefits of a Blog 9 years ago!!

    You are all wonderful! :)

  10. Tina, I know, clicking on the words in your profile is fun - it makes me want to put 'axe murderer' as my occupation, just so I can click on it to find out if anyone else has put that too.

    Pig, yes, I believe you did. That is indeed spelt t-h-a-t.

    Brit in Brazil, it's been a delight! See, I knew you had a big heart :-)

    Cath, that's the first time I've been called an egg this week (I think)

    Ciara, I'll be over shortly ...

    Dumdad, I bet you're in awe of Annie

    Expatmum, I went to some Bowie gigs too ... Brixton Academy was the best but Wembley was phenomenal ... was that you I saw down the front?

    Lehners & Maggie, thanks!