Monday, 10 March 2008

Two Part Lists

My son wrote a list tonight (I helped with the spelling).

The title was "All the Things Frog".
The only items on the list were:
- Frogspawn
- Tadpole
And then he had to go to bed.

It reminded me of the time when Big G was trying to convince me that spaniels make ideal pets. He started listing all the great spaniels out there, but only got as far as:
- Cocker
- Springer
And then he couldn't think of any more.

Two-part lists. They must run in the family.


  1. They are probably men of few words, but if great deeds! The "True Grit" variety.

  2. Brittany! Spaniel that is. I grew up with a Brittany Spaniel, and except for a strong instinct to escape and runaway, he was a great gentle dog. Of course, we had a Brittany Spaniel when I was really little that bit me in the face. I don't remember that one so well. It wasn't around very long.

  3. legs, in the throat, could be a prince after a smacker

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is great! I'll definitely be back!
    And I do love lists, so I jumped at the chance to do the list-themed Nablopomo (blogging daily for a month).

  5. Just found your blog thanks to 'wife in the north'. Will be popping in to read about your life - it's my future!

  6. I though they both did a great job. Frogspawn - now THAT"S not a word you hear every day!

  7. Oh that is just lovely!

    And there's King Charles spaniel.
    And sticky tongue for frogs. And green.

    Brilliant post.

  8. Blast! I was going to say King Charles!

  9. Oh wonderful, this made me smile! I think I should quite like to keep my lists that short. Life would run much smoother, I'm sure.

  10. What a marvellous Chap, do add me to his list!
    My middle daughter writes funny little things andleaves them around the house, we keep them all to embaress her when she's older.