Monday, 10 March 2008

In Short

I think it's funny how bloggers abbreviate each others' names when they leave comments. Had I known this, I might have given more thought to my blog name before committing to it: GBS sounds like a cross between Grevious Bodily Harm and Irritable Bowel Syndrome - neither of which feature heavily in my life.

I went to have a quiet word with my daughter L's chief protector at school, Mrs. Tired Kind Teacher (TKT for short). I told her that another girl has been staring at L, pointing and whispering things like "there's that girl we're pretending we don't like", and other spiteful things. TKT said that kind of behaviour is not acceptable, and she'll see what she can do.

Meanwhile, Whispering Mean Girl (WMG for short) was jostling and laughing with her cute little Year 2 friends in the playground as we left school this afternoon. "That's her, the one with the dark hair" L hissed, grabbing my sleeve and frowning. Aged only 7, WMG has poise, style and the face of an angel.


  1. Aaah it is so hard isn't it? You harbour all these feelings of murder and GBH and then see the perpertrator is just another child trying to fit in. Then you want to ask why your child can't fit in as well.
    I so feel for you. This is one of the most painful bits of parenting. Having to protect but not interfere while life teaches its cruel lessons...
    Your daughter will be fine with a mean mum like you.
    From one tigress to another.

  2. LOL! Okay, I'll call you "G" from now on, which I can morph into G-girl or GeeWhiz, or a number of other handles. ;-)

  3. Dear GM, don't worry - I don't mind being called GBS - I think it's funny and quite endearing!!!

    Dear CC, thanks for your understanding (grrr). This seems to be a mild case so far and I hope it will blow over. I HOPE!!!

  4. What is it with bullies? And GBS would also be George Bernard Shaw .. I'm just sayin'

    your friend,
    DE who hopes you dont mind I add a link to your's on mine

  5. oh I hate WMGs and all their nasty variations. I get ridiculously over-protective and want to give them a DGH (damn good hiding). Of course i'm talking metaphorically and it is definitely not ok to hit children, etc, blah, etc, blah
    G-string? would that be better?

  6. Dear DE, I would be honoured to have a link on your site - thank you!

    Dear Pig, not sure about g-string, except on special occasions. Methinks BCK may be more suitable for me (Big Comfy Knickers).

  7. They always do look like angels. And she'll probably get more angelic as school goes on.

  8. PM. Prime Minister, or Pre-Menstrual? You decide...

    Anyway, have you considered bearding the lioness in your den and asking her over for a playdate? I know it might sound like madness, but it worked with one little madam giving my son a hard time at nursery. Mainly, I think, because I was so strict that she then became too scared to give Boy #1 a hard time in case she had to visit again....

  9. Yes, my (now) Big Daughter still remembers the poisonous, angelic-looking little girl who stole all her friends and pushed her out of the "inner circle". Daughter took ages to recover from that. (And BTW that girl is still poisonous - grown up but poisonous.) M xx

  10. What is it about girls - small or whatever, they can be vicious (?). I remember my daughter being on the receiving end and being devastated only to have her turn around to do it to someone else.

  11. How horrid, it must be so hard to deal with the fallout from something like that. I really hope that talking to her teacher has helped things a bit. Thanks for coming to visit me!

  12. In other incarnations, like at home, WMG is probably quite darling. Even the little mean girls aren't all bad.

    (Thanks for commenting on my blog recently).