Monday, 3 March 2008

Taggie by Maggie

Thanks for tagging me Maggie May! So that saves me the trouble of thinking up something new to write about today. It seems I am now obliged to reveal 6 random things about myself. Okay, here goes:

1. I'm mostly vegetarian (but enjoy the occasional crispy bacon sandwich)

2. My daughter has cerebral palsy (mild)

3. I’ve done 5 parachute jumps and 2 marathons (before children obviously)

4. I once qualified as an aerobics instructor (but never taught a single class - what a waste)

5. I hate 99% of reality TV and TV dramas (but how can I not love Dragons Den and Sex & the City)

6. This evening I whipped up a healthy stir-fry for myself: tofu, black-bean sauce, pak choi, spinach & rice. I then spotted an earwig that had obviously been living in the pak choi packet, so I binned the whole lot and made myself a greasy fried egg sandwich instead.

In turn, I tag the top 6 bloggers in my blogroll ... because I still can't figure out how to put links in a post. What a dimwit! Over to you ...


  1. I love the post title `Taggie by Maggie'!!

    If you drop off your email address as a comment on my blog, I'll send you an easy way to do links ....

    It's VERY simple. Trust me.

  2. You are brave doing the parachute jumps! What a waste of a lovely healthy meal! Couldn't you just pick out the earwig? Not like a rat or anything!
    Sorry about your daughter but glad its mild!
    Its interesting to get to know more about people!
    You've made me feel better knowing I'm not the only one finds linking hard.

  3. Maggie. About that meal - I know it's a shocking waste of good food and I'm not proud of it - but I'm really squeamish about food. And bugs crawling around on food. Urrgh. Couldn't have eaten it, sorry.

  4. I'd be the same as you GBS re the meal, although the cats may have had a treat. My cats eat anything.

    Great to get to know a bit more about folks. Really interesting. And wow - parachute jumps AND marathons?

  5. I'm with you on the earwig thing! I found one in my broccoli, and I couldn't eat any broccoli for quite some time after that. And I love broccoli, but I hate earwigs even more!

    Anywho, I accept your challenge, and I will probably do this one tomorrow. Thanks for the tag!

  6. Parachute jumps sound pretty awesome.

    Next year for our anniversary, my husband and I are contemplating skydiving.

  7. I wouldn't have eaten a meal with an earwig in it either. I would have waited for a crunch the whole time.

    It is nice to get to know you a bit better, since I have just started reading your blog.

    I haven't been tagged yet by this one, but I am waiting for it to happen.

  8. Shame about the stir-fry. It sounded so good! I probably would have done the same thing. :-P

  9. Hey there,
    Coming to say Hi back at you. And thanks for visiting.

    Perhaps I could be of a bit of help with the link issue? Here's how I link to another site in a post -

    First go to the new post screen. Type in your text. Highlight the word(s) you want to use as a link. Then look up to the gray area, way up there above the text you just typed, where it says

    Font , TT(for text size), b i T(for text color)

    Well right after the text color is a green thingy that looks like a frog wearing glasses. See it? Click on it.

    You should see a small screen with the words "Enter a URL" and a small box with http://

    This is where you enter the web site address (which you can either type in or paste in - if you paste it, make sure you don't have 2 http:// in there.

    Then hit OK, and voila! The link is there.

    Hope this helps, and good luck. Let me know...

    And I just wanted to add that foods that move or have moving visitors, are not my friends either. I, too, would have tossed that stuff at the speed of light!

    Just Because

  10. David & Jules - thanks for the help!

    Crazy Cath, Avery Gray, Sweet Irene & Groovy Mum, glad I'm not alone on the earwig thing.

    Tanya, Go For It! It's mind-blowingly brilliant.

  11. Im also a big Dragons Den fan!!

  12. You really want me to reveal even more nonsense about myself?
    But, but...I'm no. 7 on your Blog roll, now I don't know where I am or what my name is, sniff!
    Ha Ha!
    Love the health to greasey meal change, that's exactly the type of thing I do, bub not with Tofu..yuck!

  13. Well, maybe I am the only one of you who was born in World War 2 and NOTHING was wasted! I think I should have put that on my list. Do not like to waste things!

  14. Oh Frog in the Field, you're quite right. I tagged you and then went and added Daryl e to my blog-roll, pushing you down to number 7, so technically you're off the hook. I confuse myself sometimes!

  15. I love your blog! It is great!
    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting at my blog! I really appreciate it!

  16. Thank you so much for the tag - I feel very honoured as we were both originally tagged by Maggie May - I'm still thinking about what to say!! Lx

  17. 5 parachute jumps? Impressed. I haven't the nerve to do that. I always say I'm not that keen on getting on a plane but once on I have no intention of hurling myself out of it!

  18. I'd have binned it as well. Can't speak for this lot though.

  19. Your tag passed down to me through Bellamocha. So I thought it would be fun to trace it back and see what people had to say. I hope you get a chance to see my answers too.

  20. I've re-surfaced!
    Thank ful that you let me off the hook because I was feeling very bad tht I hadn't written anything, whew another close e-shave!