Monday 17 May 2010

Sandy 1970

This is one of my favourite family photos from ye olden days gone by. My sister is too busy guzzling to smile at the camera; my Dad inexplicably has a pair of knickers on his head; my Mum is having a helluva time; and my baby brother (who has just turned 40) is rolling around with his head in the sand and an elbow in his chin. No wonder he grew up to be the most laid-back of all of us.

Me, I am the toddler on the right, dressed in a woolly jumper (my parents took us to the beach whatever the weather), clearly enjoying the chaos in front of me, destined to be forever the diplomatic middle child, cursed with a balanced view, usually hesitant with indecision, and blessed blessed blessed blessed blessed.


  1. Lovely photo! Of course, the weather may have been fine - except just when your parents went out that day!

  2. It is always lovely to spend time looking at old photos.I spend many an hour doing just that.
    Your family look very caring, happy and loving in that photo. No wonder it is a favourite.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. I love this photo.
    You all look so happy. There's something about 60s beach photos which brings me over all nostalgic. We were an all weather beach family too.

    I'm glad you explained where your brother's head was. Couldn't quite work it out:-)

  4. Great photo. Are they really knickers on your Dad's head or was it a knotted handkerchief?

  5. Arent old family photos the best?

  6. Hi Val, Maggie & Lane, glad you think so, it's great to see you!

    Nappy Valley Girl, I'm fairly sure it's a pair of those plastic waterproof baby pants that went over the top of a terry nappy. NICE!

    Daryl, Yes they so are!