Wednesday 26 January 2011

Piggy Now, Perky Later

January: the time for exercise, detox and healthy eating.

But I honestly don't know why I thought January would be a good month to stop drinking wine and scoffing crisps. I must have been deranged. January is an odious month and all I can do is try to mask its beastliness by ... well ... drinking wine and scoffing crisps as I wait for it all to be over.

I submitted my tax return today (slightly less hideous than expected) and I cleaned the bathroom (far more hideous than expected) so I have achieved something today, even if it's not healthy eating.

But never mind, payday will soon be here and soon after that the sun will shine and the clocks will change and I can wear sunglasses and then I expect I'll feel all perky and sprightly and decide to spring clean my insides with gallons of water and barrels of fresh veg. Until then, oink.