Friday 7 May 2010

Not Cold, Hungry, Hot ... or Running

I had completely forgotten how important it is, when planning a training run, to time your food intake. If I eat too soon, I don't have enough energy and get hungry again just before the run; If I eat too late, I get a stitch and running is painful. So, as the only time I could run on Wednesday was 1.30pm, I ate my lunch at 11.30am! And it went well.

The other tricky thing to get right is layers of clothing: If I'm not cold when I leave the house, I'll definitely be too hot later. But if I am cold when I leave the house, I might never warm up enough later and that's even worse! Nevertheless, when I do manage to get most of those things more or less right, and the ipod's pumping out a great song, and my legs and lungs are feeling strong, and I don't step in dog shit or get a fly up my nose ... running can be BLISS!!!

One thing I got very wrong this week was registering online for the 10K I volunteered to run on May 31st. The charity told me that, to claim my 'guaranteed' place, I must register by 5th May. I wrote it in my diary, in pen. But what I failed to notice was that I had to do it by 5pm, and naturally I didn't log in until 6.30pm. Oops. One lost place and many embarrassed grovelling emails later, I now feel terribly guilty and have promised to find another event to do to raise money for this charity instead. Oh well, at least I'll have more time to train.


  1. I hope you manage to find another run.
    It was a great pity that a 1 1/2 hrs delay in registering meant that it was too late.
    The weather is really cold here. I guess it would be difficult to get just the right clothing.
    Bristol 1/2 marathon tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nuts in May

  2. i remember when i used to run, i faced the same problem: eat before running and I'd get diarrhea. eat after i ran and i'd throw up.

    i've never been so strong or so skinny. but it wasn't good. i became anemic and had to quit running altogether until i could get strong.

    take care of yourself.

  3. I have trouble raising my eyelids and my exercise bike has dust gathering on it.You put me to shame!

  4. I've been toying with the idea of getting back into running - I actually quite like it when I get going....I'm off for a quick jaunt tomorrow thanks for the inspiration ! xx

  5. I get my exercise in the garden, don't think I could manage a run of any sort after a day out there...hope you grab another chance soon

  6. Eeeww, I got 2 junk comments on this post (which I have rejected) - I'm glad I switched on 'Comment Moderation'.

  7. Me no run now. Ever. But, I do love walking the dog. And I try and swim once a week. I used to run 3k twice a week before work at 6am. I have no idea who that person was now! Oh yes, the motivated, child-free, energy loaded me. Glad you are back x

  8. Thank you for listing so well the reasons I dont run but I am happy to sponsor you when you find an event ... honest!

  9. Good for you with the running. I try to do a bit of running, but am too scared to actually register for a race - I haven't got the stamina yet....

    Award for you over at mine!

  10. Just come over to you from nappy valley girl. Your running sounds amazing. I'm pregnant at the moment, but really want to get fit again when no longer bumpy. Is running supposed to hurt? When do you get past the stitch/no breath left stage?

  11. You make me feel tired just reading this post!! I so wish I could run.

    CJ xx