Wednesday 12 May 2010

My Lunch and the Queen's Lunch

I had this lovely award from the delightful Nappy Valley Girl

Thank you. It comes with an invitation to share 7 little known facts about myself, so here goes:

1. At lunchtime I had an accident involving my thumb and a sharp kitchen knife. My daughter, off school with a cold, went chalky green and had to lie down. I calmly and efficiently soaked up the blood, bound the cut with steri-strips and plasters, and then went chalky green and had to lie down.

2. There are many good things to appreciate about my job … but I secretly resent feeling like a tired middle-aged mum that does part-time office work.

3. Sometimes, when Big G climbs quietly into bed and I’m already asleep, I wake up suddenly with a fright, demanding to know who he is? and what does he think he’s doing? He finds all this highly amusing.

4. Many sleeps ago … I used to make my own mini dresses and wear them with Doc Marten boots.

5. My soft, loving, lavender-laced grandmothers were called Daisy and Dorothy.

6. My favourite moment, in the early hours of Election Night, was when David Dimbleby said: “the Queen has made it quite clear – she won’t be seeing anyone until after lunch today”.

7. I have a few dark secrets that I may never tell anybody … although I might, when I’m very old, think: “that’s a waste of a good secret if it never gets told”.

As for passing this award on, I gladly give it to anybody kind enough to visit my blog.


  1. always happy to visit and see how you are however .. thanks but no thanks to the Q&A

  2. I used to wear mini skirts and doc martens too :) and I love the sound of your Grandmas and their lilac hair

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  4. Aaaahhhhh!
    The thumb stabbing sounded horrible.
    Hope it heals well.

    Nuts in May

  5. Hello again GBS - damned good to see you! Thanks so much for popping by and luring me over here - I too feel that this is your true 'identity' (partly of course because I enjoyed your journey south to my/your original neck of the woods as I was heading north to your/my adopted neck of the woods!). 7 years on and I'm still slogging it out in the wind and rains!

    The knife thing sounds grim. I'm not good with slit cuts - I start to peel the skin apart to see how deep it goes but usually end up fainting into the cat bowl! Actually, last time I had such a cut it did involve cat food tins and the whole thing went sceptic and I nearly died. Ok, slight exaggeration, but I did get 'red vein syndrome' which if it reaches your elbow, apparently, means you are about to die. Just thought I should let you know...

  6. HOTH, Yikes!!! I shall be vigilant. Thanks for the warning (trembles and eyes blood-soaked plaster nervously).

  7. Would you, could you link your email to your comments so I dont have to (its always all about me) sneak over here to reply to your comments on my blog? TPTB (aka my boss) will see and not be happy I am not working...

    Those yellow things are indeed umbrellas!

  8. I liked that comment about the Queen too. Personally I would not be able to face any PM in waiting until I had drunk my morning cup of tea.....

  9. i love these answers. hang onto that secret.