Sunday, 29 June 2008

Double Delight

This week good news came in twos.
I'll tell more later.
Later - when my daughter isn't trying to wrestle me off the computer - I'll also pass on these two beautiful awards I received this week.
Thanks Lehners in France!
Thanks Maggie May!

Update: I would like to pass these awards on to these top bloggers:

The first (trophy one) goes to:

The Mother of This Lot
Who has so many awards she has built a shelf to put them on.

The Lehners in France
Who has some brilliant stories to tell.

Whose honesty and optimism inspire me

The second (Special Scribe one) goes to:

Daryl E
Who I feel drawn to, like she's a long lost friend or something.

Pig in the Kitchen
Who is a master in the art of story-telling (and cooking)

Frog in the Field
What can I say? Funny, touching, awesome.


  1. Well done GBS, both very well deserved. Have a great W/E Debs x

  2. We are peas in a pod, I got those awards too! Well done to you, fully deserved. I *heart* your blog x

  3. Congrats on award! Looking forward to your good news!

  4. GBS, thank you sooo much for the award, I love it! It looks like a piece of Faberge which I used to sell, ooh I've gone all girlie sat here in my wellies and shorts with horse poo up me nails. You've made me put on my ruby slippers "there's no place like home!" Thanks GBS, I'm smiling like a Cheshire Cat!

  5. Oh wow .. First well done, GBS!

    I feel like my head is swelling here .. this is the 4th award in as many days .. seriously, I am deeply flattered and I promise to try and live up to the company you've put me in with

    And sis, I feel the same! Except you are definitely the cooler classier sis!


  6. Oh Wow, GBS! I SO wanted this award! I've seen it on other blogs and I was getting quite jealous!! Thanks so much! xx

  7. Congratulations! Maggie sent me one too. Awesome isn't it?

    Keep up the "not" writing. I like it!

  8. Wow, lovely awards and so well-deserved. Look forward to yet more good news when you can get on the computer. M :-)

  9. Okay me some Debs and Mima, now think I'll go see the rest and introduce myself...thanks

  10. and damn I'm not in gear...congratulations on your two awards!
    Sandi (again)

  11. Congrats on the awards, and thank you so much for choosing me! I really appreciate it. Now I need to find the time to check out the others that you recommend (those that I don't already love I should say).

  12. There's an award for YOU, come on over and pick it up!


  13. Its award week... Excellent way to put a smile on faces

  14. Congratulations - well deserved of course because I love how you write. You nominated some great blogs too. It's funny, I feel like that about Daryl too....

    I wonder if we are all long lost relatives, reunited on the blog?