Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Maximum Madness

"Have you gone mad?" asked my parents, as I told them the plan.

"We all think you're mad", said one mum, as she dropped off.

"You must be mad", said a dad, as he picked up.

My son's 7th birthday party was at our (fairly small) house on Sunday: 16 children, mostly boys, mostly aged 6-7.

We played games like Pin the Trunk on the Elephant, Pass the Parcel and Treasure Hunt in teams.

We caused a riot between the sofas with a candy-spraying pinata.

We settled disputes over prizes.

We fed them junk food.

We let them trash the boy bedroom and run about in police clothes and helmets, shooting and sword-fighting with anything that might resemble a weapon (with a little imagination).

We freed the boy who got stuck in the loo.

We gleefully accepted sister-in-law's offer of help.

We marvelled at how boys won't walk if they can run, won't run if they can roly-poly, and always SHOUT FOR NO REASON!!!

We declared our bedroom strictly off-limits. Strictly. Off. Limits.

We hid the hamster.

We threw punch balloons (big ones on elastic) down the stairs, turned the music up and got out of the way as our guests almost combusted with excitement.

We shouted a lot and hardly anyone listened.

We turned off the lights for the candles on the Spongebob Squarepants cake ... how I love watching kids' faces when everyone sings 'Happy Birthday to You' (and just for once nobody bellowed out a rude version).

Have I gone completely ding-dong-doo-lally-stark-staring-bonkers-checking-into-cloud-cuckooland MAD? Probably. But it won't be long before the kids want to do something more sedate on their birthdays like bowling, cinema, or pizza, with just a few close friends. And then they won't want me at their birthday parties at all. So I reckon I might as well make the most of this short time and keep their parties as insane as possible.


  1. Hi GBS,
    Wow it sounded like absolute chaos! and they must have all had lots of fun!
    Our parents never allowed us to have parties like that inside the house... all our parties were always in the garden only, until we got older and had the quiet kind of parties with a few close friends inside, thinking we were "real adults"! haha X

  2. That sounded like a good old fashioned party. Your son is very lucky that you allowed so many into the home. Very unusual by todays standards but the norm when my kids were young.
    It will probably be remembered by everyone as the most fabulous party!
    Good for you!

    Word verification..... bubafter!

  3. I remember those parties for 6-7 year olds with my kids. I used to go off and play snooker while my wife and other mothers coped with the chaos. Yes, I'm a dastardly coward.

  4. Good for you.

    If you can't have chaos at a kids party, when can you?

    I can't stand the fact that in London these days, it's all about hiring some soft play centre at vast expense because no-one dares have it in their house...

  5. What fun. No you are not mad, you are a wonderful mum

  6. You were brave but it sounds worth it. I remember those days but it was hyped up girls.

    And yes - the pizza/bowling/sleepover parties roll round only too quickly.

  7. I'm with you. Madness must play an integral role in the life of all families.

    It should be mandatory.

    But I'm so glad you hid the hamster!

  8. Oh god, I have a headache just thinking about it! But good for you and pour yourself a large drink!

  9. Nothing like madness and mayhem to get the adrenalin going!

  10. Make the most of it. Before you know it, they will be driving off somewhere in their cars to go clubbing.

  11. Well being a mom of many boys...I can almost see the excitement on your party boys faces...
    Sounds like a blast.!
    thanks for popping by my blog

  12. Sounds like my kind of party - can I come to the next one?

  13. Hi GBS,
    I'm back again to say Congratulations on Post Of The Day over at David's!
    Very well deserved dear friend!
    Donnie X

  14. Good move with the hamster. I'm sure th elittle guy appreciated it a lot. As for the rest, I think you're 100% right. No, having grown sons, I know you are. Another few years and this kind of thing will be embarrassing rather than fun. So carpe diem!

  15. I say Bravo to you, for the Madness is the best part of it!

    Madness is the cure for many ills. It must have been a great party!!

    Bella :)

  16. Sounds like quite the birthday bash. I don't think you have gone mad, I think you were just being mommy.

  17. Found you on David McMahon's thingymagig. Don't really know what I'm doing but yours seems a cheerful enough blog. (Everyblog seems brighter than mine but I'll get there one day!

  18. Sounds brilliant! My boys loved parties lke that, it does go so quickly.

  19. I'm with you all the way! Thank goodness I still have a six year old - the others have already moved on to the cinema trip thing! It's the sheer excitement and visible glee of the little ones which you just want to bottle up and keep forever.