Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

What an odd year this has been. For our little family, 2008 began with sorrow and is ending with optimism. The rest of the world examines its cuts and bruises, and wonders ... what next? 2009 is waking up.

For me, the new year is a time to hug my loved ones close and give thanks for all my blessings. Whatever might have pulled me down last year, it's time to bounce back and start afresh this year!

May all you delightful writers and readers out there in the blogosphere be blessed with fine fortune, rosy-cheeked good health, a spring in your tail, joy in your hearts and fun fun fun fun fun. x


  1. Boing! And you too. Happy New Year:-)

  2. Keep on blogging!

    Bonne Année!

  3. And the very same to you and your's!


  4. Hi GBS!
    In this continuing time of war and dissappearing hope it is so refreshing to read your words of optimism!

    A Very Happy New Year for you and your family!!
    May 2009 bring you lots of joy, happiness, health, wealth, luck and peace!
    and may the world come to it's senses soon!

    I am so thankful that we somehow "met" this year - all thanks to that Annie Lennox & David Bowie video!
    A Big Hug from Donnie in Brazil X

  5. Happy New Year and hope the cough is better. It's hopped over to me now!!!

  6. Have a happy new year, GBS, and the best wishes ever. 2009 will be great, you just wait and see.

  7. May 2009 prove to be a good year for you and yours. And SO glad that you are still blogging...... I was quite sad that you were thinking of giving up. Your writing is brilliant!

  8. ...are Tiggers are wonderful things!
    Their feet are made out of rubber,
    Their tails are made out of springs!

    *Boing! boing!*
    *Bouncey bouncey bouncey*

  9. I love that picture of Tigger, he will always make me think about bouncing back now!

    Happy New Year to you!

  10. Yes, Tigger's philosophy is the right one. Let's keep bouncing@@@@

  11. Happy New Year! Indeed 2009 is about new beginnings. Best Wishes, success and prosperity for 2009.


  12. Dear GBS, that was such a lovely comment you made at my place, thanks so much! and glad to know i'm not alone!!

    And thank you too for the wonderful new years wishes, i wish them all right back to you!

    xx lori

  13. What a lovely sentiment.
    Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year too.

    Oh, and I L.O.V.E your clock!

  14. Hey, I came to you via Lori. You sound like my kinda person! I`ll come back for more! Wish you the best year ever!!

  15. Thank you for your good wishes. All the best for the coming year.