Friday, 24 January 2014

Seduced by a Bergamot

I've got PG Tips, Peppermint Tea and Apple & Mango ... but NO EARL GREY. Cuppa catastrophe! And the fact that I mind, very much, indicates that something strange has happened to my tea-drinking habits.

You see, dear Reader, I've been absorbing a steady stream of ordinary bog-standard builder's tea several times a day since my late teens. But to my great surprise and for no apparent reason, I've recently switched to Earl Grey and now I can't go back! What the ...? Have I gone posh? Have I become delicate in my middle age? What is about Earl Grey that has turned my head and taken up residence in my mug, perhaps forever?

I googled it of course. Apparently it's the flavour of Bergamot that has seduced my tastebuds - a funny sour little Mediterranean orange that thinks it's a lemon and, according the Daily Mail online (so it must be true, er, right?) can help to lower cholesterol and protect against diabetes. So if you'll excuse me, I really must dash to Waitrose ...


  1. Over here we have a chain of tea shops called Argo Tea and they make Earl Grey Creme. Dee-lish as it is (obviously) bergamot infused but creamier. It's unbelievable.

  2. I've tried getting into Earl Grey and all the other tisanes, but I prefer bog-standard tea. My daughter has a much more refined palate and likes Lady Grey. I recall once being in a Chinese restaurant back in the 1960s with some school friends and on being asked by the waiter whether she would like Chinese or Indian tea, my friend replied in all naïveté "English tea".