Sunday, 20 June 2010

Lime Green Time Machine

I keep meaning to google 'Alzheimers Prevention Techniques', and then I forget to do it. This does not bode well.

Over the course of this joyful, irritating, delightful, busy and utterly mucky weekend, full of me-and-the-kids-at-home-shenanigans and mess and distractions and sillyness, I've been more than usually despairingly sensitive to the passing of time, and my children being so deliciously young yet growing up so terrifyingly fast.

Many many times I've thought to myself: "I should blog about that - I don't want to forget it".

I didn't blog. And now ... I've forgotten all of it.

The red wine isn't helping.

So here is my pledge to my blog: Tomorrow I'll scribble down (in my new lime green notepad) as many anecdotes as I can think of about this weekend, and then list the best of them as a 'Weekend Top Ten' list on my blog.

Okay with you, dear Reader?!

* * * * * * *

p.s. 26th July 2010: Dear Reader, never ever EVER believe any promises I ever make. Okay with you?


  1. Go for it. May I suggest running a competition for us to pick the best when you've finished?

  2. That works for me! (Sorry about Alice Cooper but it was a request and it coincides nicely with my kids breaking up. Incidentally, my Musical Mondays aren't about my favourite pieces of music: it's a gallimaufrey of the good, the bad, the odd and the unknown).

  3. ah sneaking blogging from work! how familiar that is. i almost never do it, but i often think about it....

  4. Short-timers is what I suffer from, if I dont do it right now, I will forget ... like this comment which as I was reading your post came to me in a flash of verbal brilliance only to fade as soon as I clicked the comment link ... now here I am .. what was I going to do next ..

  5. Sounds more than good to me.

    As does the wine:-)

  6. Oh, yes. Great idea. I am glad I've found you again...

  7. Think I lost my comment.

    I'm glad I've found you again.

  8. OK, it's now tomorrow. (I think!)